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Anthony Stott

Anthony Stott - Senior Psychologist


  • Bachelor of Science (Biology)
  • Diploma of Education
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Graduate Diploma of Computing
  • Master of Counselling Psychology
  • Member – Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Associate Member – APS College of Counselling Psychologists

Areas of Special Interest:

  • Climate distress
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Pain Management
  • Registered with the ATAPS program

Anthony Stott has worked in a number of different fields such as teaching, youth work, and training unemployed people. He was a Lifeline counsellor for 5 years and has been in private practice since 2008.

Anthony has a gentle, warm, and supportive manner. His work is client-centred and emphasises the building of therapeutic relationships with his clients. He is an excellent listener and quickly tunes in to client distress. Anthony addresses their concerns from a number of perspectives and uses a wide range of therapeutic tools. He believes in individuals and couples growing through their distressing experiences to be able to better promote their own wellbeing in the future.

Coping with climate distress has been a passion of Anthony for many years. He is an author of the book “The End of Hitchhiker Inc?? How Failure to Manage Population and Consumption has Led to Climate Emergency and What We Can Do”. He runs an innovative client-centred climate distress program for individuals and groups.

Anthony is enthusiastic about using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) for working with clients who have been traumatised. Many peoples’ lives have been dramatically transformed in a short time. Clients who have reported back some time after their EMDR sessions have remarked they have kept the gains made.

Days available: Wednesday to Friday. After hours appointments on Wednesday (telehealth only).